Friday, March 14, 2014

the story- part 1

" I'm sorry " 
Always that word out from his mouth when we fighting.  That stubborn man who's I've dating for this 11 years. He only said the same thing when we fighting.                    
" I don't want to burden you, but for me, I have to thinking about it now, my ages almost thirteen and my family always asking about my marriage that never exist "  
       Yeah, I'm 29 years old girls who haven't get marriage yet. In my country, Indonesia, that ages qualified as married women, and almost all of my friends done it.

"I just not perfect for you, you can get a better man who can make you happier and give you everything"                    

Stupid. It only that word come from my mind when I heard what he said. You really stupid, don't you ever think that I just want you to be "that man". Why you always pessimist about your self. I' m not that kind of girl who can thinking about serious relationship easily.  I've started to think about it after I meet you. And now you tell me to find another man? Damn.

"Fine, if that's really what you want. Thanks for everything" I said to him and leave him sitting on my terrace chair.  I slammed the door and locked it. After one minute I heard an exhaust sound. He's leaving.                     

"Hey, don't be like that" stoped Hayden to us that mocking one of our friend that not come yet after we called, Jim.

"Maybe he just fainted on the bathroom hahaha" Roland joking and we started to laughing again.

I'm Alice. 18 years old senior high school student. I really love hanging around with my friends every time. Now, I'm sitting in the canteen together with five of them, they are Roland, Amir, Jessica, Mica and Hayden. We are always in the same school since elementary school. Even, Jessica and Hayden were together since kindergarten. 

"I'll go for a while" suddenly Hayden get up from his chair with our laughter still up. 
"Where's you'll go?" Ask me

"I wanna check Jim" 

I surprised. Why he so carefull to Jim. But I don't really care about that.
After 10 minutes, Hayden back with Jim on his shoulder. Jim looked really pale.

"What's going on?" Roland ask. We shock when seeing jim's face.

"Are you okay?" Ask me and running to 
them. I help Hayden to couch jim at the corner of canteen. Hayden put Jim's head slowly.

"I found him fainted in front of the restroom"

Me, and fourth other really shock.
"He really fainted" Roland mumbling with his sweat comes so much. I think he fell sorry because mocking Jim like before. Me too.

"Let's take him to the school clinic" said Roland quick.

"The clinic was closed 1 hour ago" said Hayden while searching for something. He's right, the school clinic must be closed because we are in the evening, the school almost closed and all of the students and teachers have back home surely.

"Do you have any alcohol Alice?"

"Nope.. mm.."

"I have one" said Jessica fast. She push me away and sit beside Hayden.

"Here Den.." Jessica offers a little bottle to Hayden with her eyes like won't let go from Hayden face. Maybe she like Hayden.

After a while Jim wake up, his face really pale and full of sweat.

"Are you alright Jim?" We ask together.

He just smiling and noding. Jim is a tall boy with really thin body and white skin. His habit is really unique and strange so we often mocking him. Honestly I'm not really care about him. But after this accident,  I felt interested with someone. Someone who really caring to others and have responsibility then other boys I've ever meet. I looking him for a seconds and smiling.
I think I like him.

To be continue..

the story-intro

Hello~ this is it what I promised before. Hope you like the story.
I didn't make the name yet, help me to find out the good one. :)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hello world ~ !
It's almost 2 years I've never writing anymore. I really busy for my new job (yep, I've graduated from my university one years ago|congratulation for me) ^^

Even my schedule not support me to writing, but my brain still wanting to make some story. It always bring a new story out of my mind. So, I just think to write down what my mind says with this blog again. Wish you like my next post.

I wanna make a little story ( or in indonesia we call it Cerpen or Cerita Pendek) that source for my own story life with little "drama" to make it tastier.

So, please enjoy.. ^^



Tuesday, September 18, 2012



I think.. just my flashy unimportant think, we are like a twin. Many think about us is absolutely same. haha. Except, he's really super choosey about food and sometimes I'm sick about that --" 

But honestly, little words that comes from his fussy lips are really touched to me and always make my spirit up again. When I'm starting to depressed, he always can make me up again. I really thankful that he can besides me until this time :"), nasty, huh? 

We have many same though about life, and I love the way he make me smile. nasty again --" LOL
Yep, this post was I write for him. To thanks about everything about life he give me. He is my Best Friend Forever. Saranghae. :))


Friday, June 22, 2012


Hello every one! =D
I know, I've missing from blogger world for a while. It's not reasonless, but I have to finished my last project at my collage or you know as Thesis ( Skripsi on Bahasa Indonesia). My thesis is little difficult and spend a lot of time. It's so tiring. But finally, I had had done it! Yeeiiyy!! *applause And now, I've graduated from my lovely university, Padjadjaran. xoxo =D =D

By the way about the title, Ulzzang. Maybe some of you know more about Ulzzang. It kind of style in Korean, esp for the beauty and "dolly face" girls and also boys there, that focus on the eye make up. That's just my own opinion after searching about Ulzzang. Haha.

Now, I'm so obsessed about Korean. Everything about Korean, drama, movie, K-Pop, My Jung Yonghwa, the electronic product and also the style. Not just me that "Korean Obsessed" but many girls in the world. My nice and I are obsessed too. So, last week we just try to be Korean with Ulzzang Style. I don't know what people will think if seen our picture, but it's really excited to try to be an Ulzzang *I think.
Ok, This is it! Our Ulzzang wanna be photos =P

PS: At least, we are trying xoxo 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Edufest Unpad 2011

Yesterday, 17&18 Sept 2011, my campus held an Education Festival. This is one of many routine festival on my campus. This year, Edufest was held at Unpad Dipatiukur (downtown of Bandung city). Unfortunately even this event held on the "city area campus" (not like pity Jatinangor) but the visitors are not much as Edufest last year (Jatinangor was the host). We really disappointed this time. But it's still okey, because with this event I can gathered again with my friends from IAAS. I really loved to be with them. =)

PS: For you, the 3rd grade of High School who's read this post, I recommended you to choose Agribusiness Majority, because until this time, I never regret with my choose, even many people underestimate with Agricultural Majority. ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Mess I Made

Sorry if I always messed everything. 
Sorry if I always being a bad girl and hurt you.
I just hope, with this short post I can get your apologize. 
Ilove you darling. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Eid Day

I, my family and all of the moeslim people have celebrate Eid Day (Idul Fitri) on las Wednesday (31/09/11). I was in Padang Panjang Village on that time with almost all my big family, That's really a great time =D With this post, I just wanna say "MINAL AIDIN WALFAIDZIN, I'm deeply sorry for all my mistakes. HAPPY EID DAY!" =D =D


Last Week of Holiday

I have no time and idea to make some post on my holiday. But maybe with this pictures you will knew what have  I've done in this awesome time. Enjoy =D

Have some photo session

 Go to Anai Resort (West Sumatra) with  my fam and had a BFF High School Reunion

Go to Labersa Waterpark-Riau Fantasy with my boyfriend 

Playing with my nephew and my cousins

And soon. Many other activities that I've done on my holiday. The sum is, it's really GREAT TIME! =D Hope you all guys have a good time too. ci yaa! =3


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chocolate and Forest

Today I have a photo session with SmileWithVegas kru (Ryan Muliarman; actually he is my boyfriend). We taken some pictures at Pekanbaru City Forest. Now, I'm in my holiday time in my hometown. I really happy to be here, because finally I can gathering again with my family and cause I can meet my boyfriend again. You know, our relationship is the hardest kind of relation, it call Long Distance Relationship. Honestly, I think this kind of stuff is really hard and tiring to do. But, I don't know why, our relation can walk up for two years. Thank God to give us a patience. =3

Actually, I don't really like to share about my relationship in cyber space. But maybe it will be okay if I just share it on my deserted blog. haha.

OK, that's all for today. I just wanna say thanks to the photographer who really patient to serve me. See you on the next post ( I hope it will story about my photo session again )

Monday, August 15, 2011


What is the meaning of that little word?
What is "Friends"??

Can you find the meaning?